Volunteer summer days beckon

Volunteer summer days beckon - Photo 1.

The colors of Ho Chi Minh City’s volunteer soldiers will be present on many fronts in the coming summer days – Photo: QL

Before the battle, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union – Chairman of the Vietnam Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City Ngo Minh Hai excitedly: “It will be exciting summer days as inherent in the youth of Ho Chi Minh City before. Ho Chi Minh City as well as 15 provinces are ready to meet the necessary conditions to welcome volunteer soldiers to the area.”

Exciting return

* How are we preparing for the upcoming summer volunteering day?

– The activity of tutoring in green shirt has been upgraded to a volunteer program. Thus, in the summer of 2022, there will be two programs: Exam Season Support, Blue Tutor and four volunteer campaigns: Red Phoenix Flower, Pink Holiday, Green March and Green Summer.

The student tutors will come to the dormitory, the dormitory area is crowded with workers, to help review the summer, teach the children of workers working in the export processing zones and industrial zones of Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition to teaching, you also teach foreign languages ​​and cooperate with the Youth Union at the facility to equip life skills, teach talents… so that the children have a full summer like many other children in the city.

* What is the forecast of the force and mode of operation for this year’s volunteering summer, sir?

– It is expected that this year’s volunteer summer will attract about 360,000 students, students and young people. Still the operating motto “3 common”: same peak day – same target – same project, but there will be specific targets for each campaign.

Go Volunteer Community Page! continue to invite those who are interested in peak day activities as well as volunteering activities.

The squad to go to Phu Quy island district (Binh Thuan), Laos, is also rushing to complete the list, in parallel with the preparation of the reciprocal force to welcome Malaysian and Thai volunteer students to join in Ho Chi Minh City.

Until July 10, the new schools sent their troops to Green Summer (except for a few units that left early), so it is more than a month from the date of departure for the schools to complete the coordination with the area, determine the content. Work.

This is part of the policy to ensure absolute safety for soldiers. Plans to prevent epidemics and arising situations have been calculated.

Closely attached to the people, staying in people’s houses, the project is established from the actual needs and desires of the local people, which is the attitude to enter the summer of volunteering.


Convert the number of volunteering activities

* How is digital transformation related to volunteering at the present time?

– The technology bus by the Center for Young Science and Technology Development in charge will continue to many locations. The lineup is equipped with digital transformation skills and information technology application to support people to understand digital transformation.

The data entry lineup helps units that need to standardize data to perform digital transformation. Continuing the work of digitizing martyrs’ graves at martyr cemeteries, reviewing the data of parents of the Saigon – Gia Dinh student movement.

Will implement the first phase of volunteer mapping, digitization of volunteer data and information. Just accessing a certain location will give you data about the force, campaign, volunteer work that has been done, is doing or progress. This is a source of data for the youth volunteer movement in Ho Chi Minh City for long-term storage.

Targets, volunteer works

• 25,000 ideas, initiatives and at least 30 ideas and initiatives into practice

• 30,000 people receive medical examination and treatment, health counseling, and medicine distribution; 30 sessions of post-COVID-19 counseling and examination for 10,000 people

• 30,000 turns of youth trained in social practice skills

• Introduction to the Party of 200 volunteer soldiers

• Plant 30,000 new trees

• Upgrading and concreting 35km of roads and alleys

• New construction and repair of 25 houses of friendship, love, and gratitude

• Building and upgrading 20 areas of physical training and sports activities, children’s playgrounds

Ready for battle! Ready for battle!

TTO – After two years of being incomplete due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the volunteer summer in Ho Chi Minh City will return tomorrow 5-6, promising the spirit of a ‘better comeback day than before’!

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