Voters ‘retain’ California governor

Voters retain the governor of California - Photo 1.

Newsom’s political career – Photo: REUTERS – Graphic: TUAN ANH

Less than an hour after the polls closed at 8 p.m. (September 15, Vietnam time), preliminary results showed that voters said “no” to the call for Mr. Newsom’s removal from office.

The recall vote is vital not only for Gavin Newsom’s own political career (54 years old) but also for the Democratic Party. Mr Newsom’s victory helps keep the party’s position ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and radical anti-vaccines.

Win of the Democratic Party

The recall card consists of two questions: Should the governor be removed from office? If so, who will be the new governor? Since the majority of voters said no to question 1, asking question number 2 no longer has much value. The most prominent of the 46 possible candidates to replace Mr Newsom is Mr. Larry Elder – described as “a copy of former President Trump”. Mr Elder is said to have conceded defeat.

In a speech to thank voters, Mr. Newsom called it a victory for science, women’s rights, vaccines and other radical issues. The victory ensures that America’s most populous state will continue to be a stronghold for the Democratic Party and a testbed for progressive policies.

Calls to remove the incumbent California governor from the Republican Party mainly stem from frustration with Newsom’s directives in response to COVID-19, such as closing businesses, mandating Wear masks and get vaccinated at school. A requirement for a California recall election is that 12% of the total voters sign a petition and these signatures come from at least 5 different counties.

Because the outcome of the vote could affect the 2022 midterm elections to determine which party controls Congress, both US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to California to campaign. Tri “retained” Mr. Newsom.

Late on September 13, President Joe Biden personally traveled to California with the message that the results of the vote can shape the US on COVID-19, women’s pregnancy rights and the fight against climate change.

Mr. Biden said the consequences would be dire if Mr. Newsom was removed from office. When a Republican candidate takes over, policies on fighting COVID-19 and many other issues will be reversed.

COVID-19 is the biggest reason

No one expected Mr Newsom to face calls for dismissal, when less than three years ago he won the governor’s seat in a landslide. However, the fact that voters chose to “retain” him is not too surprising when NBC News polls near the election day show that Governor Newsom has the majority support (45%) on COVID-19 policies. -19. About 70% support the requirement to wear masks in schools and 63% support mandatory vaccination requirements.

His victory has an important mark of the labor union. In Los Angeles County alone, the union called more than 1 million phone numbers and knocked on more than 130,000 households, spent more than $2.1 million and coordinated a total of 3,265 volunteers to support voter campaign “no” to keep Mr. Newsom as governor.

Election results reflect the issues voters consider most important. Among those who want Mr Newsom removed, the economy is the most important issue for them. For those who want him to continue as governor, COVID-19 is the biggest reason.

Normally, voter turnout in recall elections is quite low, but turnout for Mr Newsom unexpectedly increased in the final stages. There are many comments that this election is similar in nature to the 2020 presidential election. Many people are not exactly satisfied with Governor Newsom, but they hold him back for fear of the leadership’s 100% change in policies. new.

Larry Elder, a prominent face in 46 possible candidates to replace Mr. Newsom, confirmed that if elected he would abolish regulations on mandatory vaccinations and masks. He also said that the minimum wage should be 0 USD – which is not supported by workers. Elder is in favor of fossil fuels, while California is a pro-electric state and wants to ban gasoline engines in response to climate change.

How is Cali anti-epidemic?

California is a state that requires teachers and school staff, and some groups of health care workers to get vaccinated before September 30. Lawmakers here are considering vaccination requirements for restaurants, bars, gyms and many other types of enclosed businesses. California encourages companies to continue to find ways to encourage or mandate vaccination of workers.

According to statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average daily number of new infections in California was 6,842 cases in the past week and is still maintaining a clear downward trend from August 20. .

This number is lower than 10,143 cases of Texas and 11,300 cases of Florida – two Republican states that say no to masks. 68.3% of people in California are fully vaccinated, compared with 59.18% in Texas and 54.5% in Florida.

The Governor of California firmly grasped the possibility of not being replaced The Governor of California firmly grasped the possibility of not being replaced

TTO – With about 61% of votes counted, the results show that California voters have said no to replacing Governor Gavin Newsom. Mr. Newsom is far ahead of his opponent in the number of votes, 66.7% to 33.3%.


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