War King of the Three Kingdoms is coming soon in Vietnam

It is known that before returning to Vietnam, Warlords of the Three Kingdoms had success in the mainland market thanks to the quality of the original image quality of the Three Kingdoms Dien Nghia, along with a non-hybrid real-time tactical gameplay. The development company of the Three Kingdoms Warlords is Gibly Games – a unit specializing in making mobile games with more than 5 years of age in the Chinese market, gathering a lot of experienced game workers from Tencent Games, NetEase Games .. .According to many ratings, Warlords of the Three Kingdoms is the top 5 favorite strategy games in the billion-people market in the first quarter of 2021.

In particular, this game is very focused on the way to attack the siege of the land, upholding the value of combat cooperation between Alliances and Nations. Immersed in this fire and smoke battle, you will transform into a more talented and intelligent King, build your own Guild and Force through cooperation and alliance with other players to go to the next level. The highest goal is the Unification of the Underworld.

Due to the original SLG gameplay, Warlords of the Three Kingdoms has minimized hybridization into its overall gameplay. The game has distilled and fully converged the outstanding features of the strategy game series, making players will have to calculate each step to create their own power through resource development, building strongholds. and then bring troops to expand the territory…

How to optimize the amount of resources collected, make the best use of every second and every minute that passes, and then build in any direction, focus on developing what kind of army, research Science – Military armor – How to build weapons, what equipment to forge first, how to strengthen and improve Generals, activate War Horses … will be challenges that gamers need to seriously learn.

War King of the Three Kingdoms is about to be released in Vietnam - photo 1

But the most important thing is still recruiting talented generals, deploying troops to control generals, using all kinds of troops, and countermeasures before ordering troops to attack the enemy, cross the border to kill generals, attack and capture the city. In return, these jobs will help players gain a lot of resources, equipment, and pieces of champions needed to continue to build their position. In the first version of the game, 88 war generals are opened, evenly distributed to 4 countries Wei – Thuc – Ngo – Quan with each general playing the role of a leader, including Infantry, Cavalry, Cung Binh, Shield Soldier, and Wizard. against each other on the battlefield.

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In parallel, the game War King Three Kingdoms also owns a lot of large-scale PvP activities such as Seasonal Battle of Kings, Dai The Thien Ha, Dien Vo Truong, Lanh Dai war, Alliance war, Cong Thanh war, Silk Road… Notable The most perhaps is the National War feature on the Open World Map, where power struggles take place with a dense and almost endless frequency every day.

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In general, War of the Three Kingdoms can be considered a very remarkable strategy game for Vietnamese gamers at the end of 2021, especially those who love the SLG series and the Three Kingdoms theme.


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