Wedding with 31 guests on the snow mountain

Travel weddings are gradually becoming a new trend. Not holding the wedding at home, the bride and groom choose an outside location to hold the wedding. Of course, with the expensive and sometimes tiring travel, the bride and groom also invite very limited guests and close relatives.

Place of marriage: Chengdu (China).

Number of guests: 31

The story of the bride and groom

They met while participating in the student union in the university. From borrowing a book, the couple became close and fell in love. The bride is from Hebei (China) and the groom is in Sichuan. The distance between the two sides is far, so the bride is shy at first, not daring to approach this love. They’ve known each other for a year, but they haven’t become an official couple.

Later, it was the sincerity of the groom that made the bride fall in love and decide to fall in love. They loved each other for more than 4 years until deciding to get married. The date of obtaining the marriage certificate is the 1314th anniversary of being together. After registering, they started preparing for the wedding.

Organize a wedding with 31 guests on the snowy mountain - Photo 1.

Wedding inspiration

The bride and groom both love snow and both were born in winter. The bride wants a wedding under the snow. They planned the wedding for 3 months. Brides research many weddings in the snow to find the most suitable option for her. After seeing snowfall in Chengdu, the couple decided to choose this place to hold their wedding.

Organizational plan

The event organizers have chosen to give them photographers, hotels and different costs. The issue of accommodation for guests is also concerned because most of the guests are far away. The bride and groom bought air tickets as well as train tickets for 31 guests to Chengdu to attend their wedding.

Wedding decoration

The bride prefers the retro style with the dominant crimson color. Because the wedding venue was on the snowy mountain, everything was simple, beautiful, and pure.

The ceremony is built with 3 tree branches, along with a light and elegant board. The aisle of the bride and groom is decorated with simple flower clusters.

The date of the wedding ceremony

The first look

The weather that day was unbelievably beautiful, sunny, not cold. The groom stood alone in the middle of a snowy mountain, waiting for his bride to arrive in a pristine white dress. As soon as he saw his wife, the groom covered his face with emotion. The two then gave each other a really warm hug.

Wedding vows

From the organization to the wedding ceremony, the two keep everything simple and rustic. That gives a deep impression of the bride. By the time the oath was read, the bride could not help but burst into tears.

The bride has promised to eliminate her bad character in the future, thanking her husband’s tolerance, support and encouragement. Without his efforts, it would be very difficult for the two to be together.

Under the white mountain, the two looked at each other extremely romantic. With the bride, in that moment, she clearly saw her heart and knew that she had chosen the right person to accompany her for the rest of her life.

The romantic part of the wedding

After taking the oath, they received the wedding ring that the guests passed from hand to hand. Everyone gave a blessing to the bride and groom when holding the ring on me and finally, the ring was given to the three brides.

When he gave it to his son-in-law, he gently said: “Be happy, let’s all be happy”. At that moment, all three of them were in tears.

After the ceremony ended, there was a party and games. The bride and groom chose to buy cakes and fruits at the dessert table. They had a wonderful wedding, as expected with many warm and happy things.

Wedding with 31 guests on the snowy mountain - Photo 7.

Advice on getting married

– Take wedding photos as you wish. Don’t ignore it because of some wasted wedding photo advice. Wedding photography is also very emotional.

– Wedding dresses are tailor-made for the bride to be most comfortable to wear.

– Wedding rings do not choose the popular style, choose the type you like and buy or order. Your wedding ring is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

– Souvenirs may not need to be expensive, choose local specialties to send to guests.

Hopefully we will all have a way to organize the most satisfying and emotional wedding!

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