Weibo ‘bans’ 40 accounts related to Liu Hoc Chau’s death, netizens have an unexpected reaction

After Luu Hoc Chau’s suicide on January 24, the authorities entered the investigation and believed that the boy’s death was partly related to the issue of cyber violence.

Weibo has conducted a review of all accounts and discovered that up to 1239 users have sent private messages to Luu Hoc Chau from January 12 to 0:00 on January 24.

Weibo banned 40 accounts related to Luu Hoc Chau's death, netizens had an unexpected reaction - Photo 1.

According to the cybersecurity law, Weibo is not allowed to check the content of users’ messages. However, if based on Liu Hoc Chau’s public post and comment content combined with the situation of user reports of violations, Weibo has announced the following results:

Among 1239 accounts, most of the messages have positive content with the desire to encourage Luu Hoc Chau to always try to have a better life. In addition, many users have made offensive statements, even the content is threatening and violent towards Luu Hoc Chau.

Accordingly, Weibo permanently “banned” 40 accounts (blocking the function of posting/messaging) and handled “sword ban” from 180 days to 1 year for 52 accounts.

In addition, Weibo continues to monitor the situation of Luu Hoc Chau’s case, fully coordinating with functional forces to investigate in-depth to take stronger measures against acts of cyber violence.

Weibo banned 40 accounts related to Luu Hoc Chau's death, netizens had an unexpected reaction - Photo 2.

Previously, on January 24, Liu Xuezhou committed suicide by taking pills on the Sanya beach after a period of cyber violence and rejection by his biological parents. Before leaving, he left a long will telling about his life, and at the same time sent his will to leave 50% of his savings for his grandparents, the remaining 50% is money supported by the online community, which will be given to him. to the children at the orphanage in Shijiazhuang City.

The online community has expressed regret at the tragic and short life of the young man Luu Hoc Chau.

Since January 25, many people have come to order flowers, cakes and milk tea at Sanya beach (where Liu Xuezhou took the drug to commit suicide) as a farewell to soothe Liu Xue’s soul. Chau. Many netizens have expressed that the bouquets of flowers in lieu of an apology to the boy for his death are related to public opinion and social networks.

Weibo banned 40 accounts related to Luu Hoc Chau's death, netizens had an unexpected reaction - Photo 3.

After Weibo posted information about handling violations of accounts related to the issue of cyber violence in the case of Luu Hoc Chau, many people still feel inadequate and think that Weibo’s move is only for deputy.

“It won’t do any good. Ban one, they create another. Just like that, cyber-violence continues.”

“Why not track down the owners of those accounts to take more radical measures? Weibo is really too superficial.”

“Indirectly killing a person but only getting banned from the account? It’s really unacceptable to handle Weibo’s approach.”

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