What are the ‘customary’ restaurants when coming to Hue and Hoi An?

Nowhere like these places, when the shops want to enter the ancient town of Hoi An or the ancient capital of Hue, they will also try to change their appearance to match the architecture and culture of this place. It is these small corners that make up the unique features of these two ancient lands.

In Hue, you have to dream or have ancient features

The dreamy land of Hue has always been known for its romantic beauty and architectural, cultural and spiritual heritage. Coming to Hue, you will surely feel the poetic and sweet features through the smallest things like floating clouds or gently flowing river. For that reason, the beautiful coffee shops in Hue are always associated with the old quietness of the ancient capital, but still have a hint of the modernity of the city.

Photo: Thuy Duong, Truong Bui, Nhat Nam

For example, the coffee shop of a famous brand inside the Hue Citadel, because it is in the imperial citadel, the outside of the cafe is no different from “three palaces, Luc Vien”. Since seeing the photos of this restaurant with royal architecture, netizens can’t help but be surprised by this charming “customary entry”.

Photo: @hifasne_, Le Thuy Duong

Or the coffee shops are completely invested with stone slabs from a long time ago, and then elaborately decorated so that when entering here, people can “transmigrate” back to those days, lost in a village from the old days. grandparents in the middle of the bustling city.

Therefore, when coming to Hue, people not only have the opportunity to visit famous historical landscapes but also have the opportunity to visit surprisingly beautiful cafes, bold “Hue nature”. These coffee shop addresses always bring nostalgia about Hue a bygone era.

Hoi An with typical wooden door frames and golden walls

Although the city does not have the largest area or the most modern, the rustic and nostalgia here is still enough to attract visitors. Besides the romantic Hoai River, there are not only places with historical imprints, traditional shopping carts, but the old town also has cafes and restaurants that are always ready to change to preserve the architectural features. unique in Hoi An. In addition to the times “waking up” in the online community with bank offices or cash registers wearing new clothes, many people also pay attention to the architecture that is extremely in harmony with the old town of the shops in the city. this.

Photo: @sashaa_pashaa, @hoianroastery, @joly.mi, @vu.hen

It is possible to mention a cafe combined with selling organic agricultural products but has the appearance of an ancient Western coffee shop, but still has features to match the typical Asian breath of Hoi An.

Photo: @choco2809, @sheri0816, @sheri0816, @corlyphoto

Or the overhead cafe with a panoramic view of ancient Hoi An, is a two-story house with a classic design in harmony with the architecture of the old town, also lying dormant in the old row of houses.

Photo: @lloollyyyyy, @faifocoffee, Tran Duc Tai

There is also a famous coffee chain specializing in selling coconut coffee, which has also been “changed skin” with a nostalgic space, thanks to the intertwined brown and yellow walls.

Photo: @typhoon.kncht, @koniledia, @ham_ing_turn_sodam, @ss.omm

The restaurants and water stalls in Hoi An are not too extravagant and splendid but still have their own charm. As a place for people to feel the atmosphere that no other place has and always feel the peace, that is the characteristic that the restaurants in Hoi An bring.

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