What did the deputy prime minister of the Taliban say about rumors of internal conflict?

Earlier, rumors were spread and widely shared on social media about Mr. Baradar being injured in a dispute between factions of the Taliban and the powerful Haqqani network, which holds important positions. in the interim government of Afghanistan.

At first, Mr. Baradar denied the rumor with an audio recording without clips or images on September 13. On September 15, he appeared in an interview with the Afghan national television channel. The video was shared by the Taliban political office in Doha (Qatar) on Twitter.

When asked about the rumours, Mr. Baradar replied: “No, this is not true. I am healthy. Regarding media claims that we have internal disagreements, this is also not true. I love each other more than a family. Plus, over the years, we’ve suffered and sacrificed a lot to end the aggression. We didn’t do it for power or status.” .

What did the deputy prime minister of the Taliban say about rumors of internal conflict?  - Photo 1.

Acting Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan Mullah Abdul Baradar. Photo: CNN

According to Mr. Baradar, he had to leave Kabul so he could not contact the media to refute the rumours. Another reporter asked the acting deputy prime minister of Afghanistan why he did not meet the foreign minister of Qatar when he visited Kabul on September 12.

“We didn’t know he was coming. Had I known, I would have postponed the trip. We could not have returned from the trip to see the foreign minister. Had we received the news early, perhaps we would have been able to. attend the meeting,” said Mr. Baradar.

Taliban officials said Mr. Baradar arrived in Kandahar province, where the movement’s supreme leader, Haibatullah Akhundzada, is staying.

Mr. Baradar was the head of the Taliban’s political office and led Doha negotiations with the former government and the US. Some thought he would be appointed prime minister, but after negotiations, Mr Baradar took over as deputy prime minister.

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