What is the world’s most beautiful “volleyball fairy” who once made a lot of fans regret because of plastic surgery now?

Sabina Altynbekova used to be a name that caused fever throughout Asia after appearing as a “fairy descending” at a volleyball tournament taking place in China many years ago. Sabina was born in 1996 in Kazakhstan, is 1m82 tall and weighs 59 kg, possessing a physique that is not inferior to the top supermodels, even her face is considered to be comparable to Miss.

The “heart touching” moments of the world’s volleyball beauties

Despite wearing only the national team uniform, her face was not made up of sophisticated make-up, but every time the camera caught her close, Sabina made the audience “miss a heartbeat” because of her lovely face and beautiful skin. fair skin and long straight legs. Sabina is favored by the online community as the most beautiful “volleyball goddess” in the world. Although later, some beautiful female volleyball players were mentioned by the audience, but Sabina was always named for the No. 1 position.

Sabina Altynbekova’s extreme body made many people admire

Beautiful in every angle

The beauty’s sports career is not very successful partly because of her excellent appearance. Wherever she goes, she attracts the attention of the crowd, even making her teammates “invisible”. In contrast, Sabina knows how to take advantage of the beauty of the sky to develop her modeling career. She is favored by many brands, constantly signing big advertising contracts and earning huge income thanks to that.

In July 2018, the online community was suddenly stirred by new images of “volleyball goddess” Sabina. She is suspected of having touched “cutlery” when constantly appearing with a stiff and strange face. Lips, nose and chin all seem unnatural as before. Many fans expressed regret, and said that she had destroyed the fairy beauty that millions of other girls wished day and night could not have.

What is the world's most beautiful

Sabina was exposed to evidence showing a clear difference in her face and was suspected of having cutlery

There are times when beauties appear old and stiff, and their stiff faces lose their inherent clear fairy beauty

A few comments defended the idol and asserted that the difference could be due to makeup or photo editing apps. However, in the end, the owner completely kept quiet, making many people more and more convinced that perhaps she, more or less, used cosmetic procedures.

However, after many years, the hotness of The most beautiful “volleyball goddess” in the world has not shown any signs of cooling down yet. On her Instagram page with more than 1.1 million followers, Sabina often shares her beautiful and seductive images, proving the class of a “beauty school”.

The current beautiful image of the “volleyball goddess” after many years causing storms on social media

Luxury, charm and success is the image that this beauty is aiming for

To be fair, Sabina seems to have lost the “pure fairy” beauty of the past, but instead, she has changed and upgraded her image to a new level with luxurious and modern visuals. and extremely hot. Fans still have to acknowledge and praise the top beauty of this 26-year-old girl.

After entering the entertainment industry, it can be seen that this beautiful woman’s personal page no longer shares pictures on the volleyball court. Good or bad, beautiful people now only participate in friendly tournaments to raise funds or influence the community.

No longer see the clear beauty of the past, instead Sabina of the present builds the image of a hot and modern woman.

A few months ago, Sabina revealed that she was married when posting 2 photos taken with her husband on social networks, surprising people. This is the first time she has publicly announced her love story, but it is not just dating but “married”. After researching, it is known that the man who holds this beautiful woman’s heart is Sayat Tostykbayev, a talented businessman and film producer, 8 years older than Sabina.

She secretly married her businessman husband 8 months ago and kept it a secret for a long time before making it public

In her post, Ms. Sabina said she received a marriage proposal from Mr. Satay after only 2 meetings. After about a year of dating and love, the two officially returned to the same house in December 2020 and are enjoying a very happy married life.

Not only has a perfect marriage, “volleyball goddess” also makes many people jealous and admires when she becomes more and more beautiful and attractive, and prepares to establish her own fashion brand, promising promises more success.

Sabina is about to launch her own fashion label

Source: Bastillepost, Instagram NV

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