When parents scold their children SILENT or STOP? Each reaction reflects the child’s different personality

Children are very active and naughty. They cannot foresee the consequences of their actions. Therefore, there will be many times when children make parents or adults angry and dissatisfied. At that time, parents will scold the children to deter and teach.

According to scientists, when we look at children’s reactions to being scolded, we can somewhat predict their personality.

When I get scolded by my parents, I keep quiet

Faced with the scolding of parents, children can be silent. Maybe you feel really guilty so you don’t argue and are gnawing on your repentance.

However, it is also possible that children are silent and do not argue because they feel they are weak and do not have the courage to protest well. This silence does not mean that children agree with their parents’ criticism, but that they only surrender to authority. They understand that resistance is not necessarily good for them, it can even make their parents more hot-tempered and themselves will be beaten. They are either scared or just pretending to please adults.

When parents scold their children SILENT or STOP?  Each reaction shows the child's different personality - Photo 1.

Such children may experience the following personality problems:

Children often feel guilty: When children are scolded by their parents with harsh words and they don’t respond, they may always feel like they can’t do anything right. I do not have the courage to refute the scolding, sometimes a bit too much of my parents. They keep those words in their hearts and quietly go away to cry, or vent their sadness. Such cases often have a low sense of self-worth.

Children have distance from parents: I’m too scared of my parents so I don’t dare to protest. This makes the distance between parents and children far away. In the eyes of children, parents are always too authoritative, or too strict. Parents will find it very difficult to enter their child’s world.

Children have difficulty integrating into society: Many children when bullied, they are always silent, do not dare to fight back. When being scolded by parents, even misunderstood, children do not speak out for themselves. Such cases are often timid, timid. Later, when I went out into society, I did not dare to express myself, did not dare to loudly refute others. Children who are too obedient like this are not necessarily a good thing.

Children just pretend to make their parents happy: Children who have thoughts like this show that they are psychologically sensitive. I can guess the psychology of others to gently change my reaction. However, in this case, if you do not educate your child carefully, the child will only pretend to be a good child at home, and beyond the eyes of our parents, we cannot predict how rebellious the child will be. When you grow up, it is easy to become a good-hearted person, good at flattery and intrigue.

Children have attitude after being scolded by parents

Compared with children’s silence when receiving criticism, their response, parents less headache. Although sometimes arguing makes us even more frustrated.

Children who react, in their personalities are likely to have the following traits:

Dare to express yourself: When courageously speaking their mind, children have an outgoing personality and dare to express themselves. Later, when going out in society, having a grievance or when it is time to express an opinion, you will be more active than others. I dare to stand up to defend my rights and interests.

Timely emotional release: Many children keep quiet when their parents scold them, making adults worry about their psychology. But children who can express their feelings, parents will partly grasp their children’s feelings. Repressed negative thoughts are also released.

Children stubborn, difficult to teach: Many children have strong personalities and are spoiled easily. I not only argued back, but also used many negative words to protest. When this is the case, parents should strictly teach their children.

When parents scold their children SILENT or STOP?  Each reaction shows a different personality of the child - Photo 2.

Children react, or remain silent, parents still need to communicate with their children more. So that when children have a problem, the first person they think of is their parents. Proper communication will help children open up and express their thoughts and feelings more.


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