While ‘drifting on fire’, the driver was suddenly thrown out of the car

The video has attracted 14,000 emoji drops, 3,700 comments and 41,000 shares. Most of the comments are funny or find it difficult to understand why the guy can be thrown out of the car – Video: Rodney K. Magwood Jr./Facebook

If you just watch the video, it will probably be like most of the responses below – funny because the driver is “weak and still likes to show”. But according to The DrivePhillips’ situation is much more sympathetic.

The Camaro means a lot to him. The car has not only been with the family for 25 years, but also the car that brought him home on the day of his birth. After a period of repair, Phillips put the car back on the road this year.

In fact, this is only the third test drive since the Camaro is back on the road. And now, the car needs further repair.

Repair costs will not be cheap. Phillips was only slightly scratched, but you can see that the car is quite badly damaged, from the door to the rear panel, fenders, broken glass …

Phillips said to The Drive that the door had suddenly opened, perhaps because when he got into the car, he didn’t close it all. And then when he lost his balance due to a “drift”, his brother bumped into the door causing the door to open, knocking him to the sidewalk. According to Phillips, Camaro doors are notoriously heavy and tend to wear out, so this is probably the “primary culprit”.

But it must also be added that Phillips seems to have forgotten to fasten his seat belt. At least, the guy has learned a lot after this incident and Chevy Camaro will probably be back on the road without hurting anyone.

While 'drifting on fire', the driver was suddenly thrown out of the car - Photo 2.

Image of the car after the accident – Photo: Hunter Phillips/The Drive

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