While he was flirting with his mistress, the lover came to the house, the guy had a ‘handling phase’ that made everyone squeal, the truth behind was controversial.

A video of the shocking scene that allegedly happened in Colombia has garnered more than 11 million views on Twitter after it was posted on September 7. The beginning of the clip is the scene of an angry girl frantically pressing the bell, banging, kicking the door of a white-painted 2-storey house, demanding to rush inside.

The girl kicked the door, rang the bell and shouted to come inside

As she tried to get inside, her mouth cursed loudly: “Open the door, you bastard. I know you’re inside, open it… This will be the last time you do this to me.” At that time, there were quite a few neighbors gathered to watch the noisy scene. It turned out to be a scene that caught a boyfriend secretly having an affair with another woman.

When the girl got inside and angrily stormed upstairs, the man-in-law appeared a few seconds later from the second-floor balcony, with another woman. Both are dressed very poorly, seeming to be trying to find a way to escape, to cover their sins.

Knowing that his girlfriend is coming, the guy who has a crush on him immediately finds a way to cover up his sins

Not knowing if he was quick-witted or while the water was boiling, he risked his life, he slowly dropped the mistress from the 2nd floor to let her escape. The onlookers below couldn’t ignore it, so they stepped in to rescue her, taking her from the guy’s hand and helping her get to the ground safely.

He dropped the girl from the 2nd floor for the people below to catch her

It seems that she could not catch the third person’s hand, the girl stepped outside and shouted “where is she, where is she”. In fact, the mistress had been hiding inside the carton before, but in the end was still exposed. The end of the video is a scene of two women chasing each other and neighbors laughing. It is not known what happened after that, but this jealousy scene was commented on both dramatic and humorous.

The video recording the noisy jealousy scene attracted 11 million views

While howling with his mistress, the lover came to the house, the guy had a treatment that made everyone howl, the truth behind was controversial - Photo 5.

The end of the jealous fight is the scene where the 2 girls chase each other on the street loudly

However, below the comment section, many different opinions were raised controversially. Many people, although funny, still show understanding and sympathy for the girl who was led by her boyfriend. Some commenters doubt whether this is true or just staged. The fact that the other guy dropped the girl from the 2nd floor and the dramatic, attractive performance of the clip caught in the battle between his lover and another girl was indeed a bit “like a movie”. Currently, no one has been able to determine if this is a staged clip or a real event that took place.

Source: The Sun

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