WHO: Europe becomes the center of the Covid-19 epidemic

The WHO assesses that Europe has become the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak again as infections increase in all ages and the rate of transmission is “extremely worrying”.

“Once again, we are at the epicenter of the pandemic,” World Health Organization (WHO) regional director for Europe Hans Kluge said at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland today.

WHO’s European region, consisting of 53 countries, territories and some Central Asian countries, currently records more than 78 million cases of Covid-19, higher than the total number of infections in Southeast Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean region. , Western Pacific and Africa combined. Kluge noted “the current rate of infection in 53 countries is extremely worrying” with daily infections near record levels due to the Delta mutation.

Medical staff move Covid-19 patients outside a hospital in Moscow, Russia last month.  Photo: Reuters.

Medical staff move Covid-19 patients outside a hospital in Moscow, Russia last month. Photo: Reuters.

According to a “reliable forecast”, the current trajectory means that between now and February 2022, “half a million more people will die from Covid-19”.

“The increase in infections was observed in all age groups,” he said. “Today, every country in Europe and Central Asia is facing a real threat of a Covid-19 resurgence or is fighting a resurgence.”

Kluge attributed the spike in Covid-19 cases and higher hospitalization rates in Europe than in other regions due to insufficient vaccination coverage and “relaxation of social and public health measures”.

According to the WHO official, measures such as testing, tracing, maintaining distance and using masks are still part of the “armor” against Covid-19. “We have to change our tactics, from responding to an increase in Covid-19 cases to preventing an outbreak in the first place,” he stressed.

Daily Covid-19 cases in Europe have increased for nearly 6 consecutive weeks, while deaths have increased for more than 7 consecutive weeks, with about 250,000 infections and 3,600 deaths per day. In the past 7 days, Russia recorded the highest number of deaths with 8,162 deaths, followed by Ukraine with 3,819 and Romania with 3,100.

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