Who is the actor who worked with Kim Go Eun in ‘Little Women’?

Besides the 3 sisters Oh In Joo, Oh In Kyung and Oh In Hye, the drama’s characters “Little Women” (Little Women) There is also another very remarkable face, that is Cha Do Il, who often appears with Oh In Joo on his journey against Tinh Lan Hoi.

In the movie, Cha Do Il is a person with a cold personality and is very realistic about money. What about the “real life version” of this character – actor Wi Ha Joon?

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Wi Ha Joon is a very notable character in Little Women.

Widely known for the super product “Squid Game”

Wi Ha Joon was born on August 5, 1991, started pursuing an acting career since 2015. Originally, not an actor but becoming an entertainer is Wi Ha Joon’s dream. In middle school, he was the head of the school’s dance club. He also auditioned but was rejected. Therefore, the actor decided to change direction.

Although becoming an actor was not Wi Ha Joon’s original dream, but once he has chosen it as his career, Wi Ha Joon will pursue “to the end”. One of the proofs for Wi Ha Joon’s career is that in order to learn the Seoul language, he even refrained from talking directly with his hometown friends for nearly a year to avoid re-infecting his old accent.

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Wi Ha Joon originally dreamed of becoming an entertainer.

The first project that the 31-year-old actor attended was “Chinese Street” (Coin locker girl) – a film with the participation of many famous actors such as Kim Go Eun, Park Bo Gum, Kim Hye Soo or Go Kyungpyo. There is an interesting detail revealed, that is, Wi Ha Joon’s role requires him to know how to drive. Originally, Wi Ha Joon did not meet the requirements, but in order to accept the role, he lied that he could do it. Therefore, after that, Wi Ha Joon had to take the driving test quickly because the preparation time was only 3 weeks.

After “Chinese Street”, Wi Ha Joon worked hard to film. He does not mind small roles to seek opportunities for bigger roles. In 2018, Wi Ha Joon was fortunate to participate in the hit movie “Pretty sister buys me delicious rice” (Something in the rain) by Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In. In this work, the 31-year-old male beauty takes on the role of Yoon Seung Ho, the younger brother of the female lead Yoon Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin).

Who is the actor alongside Kim Go Eun in Little Women?  - Photo 3.

Wi Ha Joon in “Beautiful sister buys me delicious rice” (left) and “Love Appendix”

Entering 2019, Wi Ha Joon continues to have the opportunity to work with another A-list star, that is Lee Jong Suk in the movie “Love Annex” (Romance is a bonus book). Although “Love Addendum” could not create a big fever, the film’s performance was still quite good with an average rating of 5.15%.

In the film, Wi Ha Joon and Lee Jong Suk are rivals when they both have feelings for Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young). However, one of the things that makes the audience remember the most about Wi Ha Joon is the “passionate” scene between him and the star Pinocchio.

Usually in movies, the main character usually gets the biggest attention. However, with Wi Ha Joon alone, he prioritizes experiencing many different types of characters to perfect his acting technique.

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Wi Ha Joon plays a perverted killer in “Crying for help in the middle of the night”.

In an interview, the actor once shared that he wanted to be transformed into a serial killer villain. It was in 2018, and Wi Ha Joon’s dream came true just 1 year later. Specifically, he was chosen by director Kwon Oh Seung to send gold for the role of a ruthless, perverted murderer in “Crying for help at midnight” (Midnight).

In fact, “The Midnight Call for Help” has a not-so-excellent script, but the impressive acting of Wi Ha Joon and Jin Ki Joo has “saved” the film. To fully play the role, Wi Ha Joon had to lose up to 13kg. Not only that, he also studied the profiles of many serial killers to find out their outstanding personalities to serve the role.

Who is the actor alongside Kim Go Eun in Little Women?  - Photo 5.

Thanks to “Squid Game”, Wi Ha Joon is widely known to the audience.

Another reason why Wi Ha Joon’s acting in “Cry for help at midnight” impressed the audience, that’s because he really changed after the success with the hit blockbuster “Squid Game”. (Squid game). For those who do not know, “Squid Game” is the film project that helps Wi Ha Joon to be known to the public. In the film, he plays a police officer who is determined, bold, quick and extremely “cool”.

Clean private life, ideal girlfriend is “powerful woman”

The little information about Wi Ha Joon’s private life is shared with the press by himself, and the most notable of them is about the ideal girlfriend. In an interview with The Star magazine, Wi Ha Joon said that he likes smart, sophisticated girls. In addition, the perfect girlfriend in the eyes of the actor must also be a strong, independent person and not afraid to help, siding with the weak.

Who is the actor alongside Kim Go Eun in Little Women?  - Photo 6.

Wi Ha Joon likes girls who are smart, strong and ready to defend the weak.

After 7 years of pursuing an acting career, Wi Ha Joon always tries his best. He manages himself extremely well and always focuses on improving his acting. That’s why even the most knowledgeable information hunters can’t bring up any bad rumors about the 31-year-old star.

If you want to find Wi Ha Joon’s “kiss-scenes” outside the set, then “the female lead” can only be his lovely niece. Looking at the pictures of Wi Ha Joon being close to his niece, many netizens confirmed that the “Squid Game” star must be a family man.

Handsome, talented and full of love, Wi Ha Joon is a perfect guy. Therefore, believe that he will soon find the right half. As for her career, currently the movie “Little Women” is receiving a lot of attention. Entering 2023, Wi Ha Joon promises to continue to have great success when participating in the hit movie project “Gyeongseong Creature” (Gyeongseong Creature) with Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee.

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