Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?

In recent years, reality TV shows about Miss have gradually become familiar to the audience and attract the attention of the public. The most prominent must be mentioned as I Am Miss Universe Vietnam – reality show looking for Vietnamese representatives to join Miss Universe. Besides, in 2022 there will also be the appearance of Miss Fitness Vietnam – Miss Sports Vietnam hay Dream Journey To Shine – Miss Ethnicity of Vietnam.

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Photo 1.

I Am Miss Universe Vietnam is the most prominent among the reality shows about Miss

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Photo 2.

Thuy Van – Minh Tu – Ky Duyen as the reality show coach Miss Fitness Vietnam 2022

The fact that Miss contests are gradually being converted to production in the form of reality shows has many reasons, becoming more and more popular because it brings many benefits to the production units and the contestants participating in the program.

When contestants gain recognition thanks to reality TV

When participating in Miss programs, the contestants have more or less increased their recognition in the eyes of the audience, both domestically and internationally. All the time I Am Miss Universe Vietnam On the air, the contestants’ stories were revealed in the media in turn. The identity and education of the excellent “long legs” are also searched by netizens.

Female architect Le Hoang Phuong, editor Phuong Thao all made a strong impression on the audience with their current education and profession.

Ask for a favor I Am Miss Universe Vietnam, Huong Ly was mentioned by Thai fans in the media. After the semi-final night with outstanding performance, the Champion Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2015 is also expected to be a potential candidate for the Miss Universe title. Huong Ly herself was also very surprised when international fans closely watched her journey.

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Photo 4.

The “panoramic picture” of the thorny journey to the Miss crown

Thanks to reality television, the audience has a broader, clearer view of the arduous journey of practice that a contestant of the Miss pageant must go through to be able to hold the crown. To be crowned Miss, the contestants had to go through challenges from bodybuilding, presentation, bilingual behavior, elegance, talent,… All of these are necessary factors to succeed. choose a beauty worthy to wear the crown, representing Vietnam to participate in the international beauty arena.

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Photo 5.

The journey to becoming a Miss is never easy

Above all, the stories of the contestants in the Miss programs have conveyed the humanistic meaning of the contest, spreading great inspiration to the community. For example, Do Nhat Ha – a transgender beauty had a miracle when she arrived in the top 71 I Am Miss Universe Vietnam thanks to the special golden ticket, wants to raise the voice of the LGBT community in the national beauty arena. Once labeled a “rich kid” (roughly translated: rich child), but thanks to the program, runner-up Le Thao Nhi has proven herself to be a brave woman who dares to think, dare to do, and behave intelligently. Throughout the show, Huong Ly also left an impression on viewers when conveying the message of environmental protection through sustainable fashion, Le Nam constantly condemned domestic violence, protected women’s rights,. ..

Huge profits from broadcasting channels

In fact, the reality show Miss helps the “fish” producers earn huge profits. When a sponsor brand invests in the program, the crew certainly earns a large amount of money, and also saves costs for the contestants. In return, the brand’s name will be mentioned in each broadcast, reaching a wide range of customers.

LIVE I Am Miss Universe Vietnam, Thanks to the sponsorship program, the top 71 are also “enjoyed”, receiving countless free products and courses. USAA famous Ao Dai brand has accompanied the contestants from the ensemble and Ao Dai costumes in the semi-final and final contest nights.

A jewelry – gem company also became the crown sponsor for Miss Universe Vietnam. The crown of the top 3 is made from white gold, studded with thousands of precious stones from yellow sapphire to diamond,… According to jewelers, each crown is given to the crowned contestants. The final night of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 is worth not less than 1 million USD (over 23 billion VND).

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Photo 6.

The crowns of the top 3 are studded with many precious stones, each worth no less than 1 million USD

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Photo 7.

At Miss Sports Vietnam, the contestants also have a large space to perform fitness-related challenges thanks to the main sponsor of the program.

Moreover, broadcasting on MXH platforms also helps the production unit to have more advertising money through broadcast episodes. According to Social Blade – Statistical website and analysis of reputable MXH sites, unit Miss Universe Vietnam earned an estimated YouTube revenue of about 3300 USD (over 77 million VND) to over 53000 USD (over 1.2 billion VND) in the last 30 days (when the show was on air).

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Photo 8.

Social Blade Stats

“New color of entertainment” in the midst of the saturated era of TV Show

In recent years, in Vietnam, the gameshow has really grown tremendously, successfully in terms of entertainment with diverse content: from dating show, knowledge quiz, artist exchange, artist search has voice, ability to compose, Vietnameseized program from Korea,…

When these types of programs have become too familiar and become boring in the eyes of the audience, the reality show about Miss has emerged as a potential “rookie” and is gradually gaining the upper hand in the field of TV Show. . While fans are waiting for reality shows about models like Vietnam’s Next Top Model hay The Face Vietnam, The Look,… airing again, the show Miss is on air partly satisfy the desire of beauty fans.

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Photo 9.

Many people think that the Miss show has many similarities with the model show but in fact is extremely different, mainly in terms of challenge content. If in modeling shows, photo challenges, catwalks, and poses, the main focus is on behavior, elegance, bilingual presentations,… more . These are all skills necessary to create the position of a Miss in the hearts of the public. In addition, the Miss programs will also feature many community-oriented activities to spread the inherent humanity message of a beauty contest.

Why are Miss pageants gradually being turned into reality TV?  - Picture 10.

In general, at a time when Vietnam is on the rise in the international beauty arena thanks to the top achievements of national representatives, the appearance of Miss shows has become “spiritual food”. Novel entertainment attracts the attention of the audience.

Photo: Internet, UniMedia, Multimedia JSC


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