Why are so many kids who are super smart when they are young but grow up to be MEDIUM?

Many child prodigies have experienced tragedy as adults.

Once upon a time, China had a child prodigy with a high IQ, named Fang Zhongyong. At the age of 3, Fang was already able to write poetry. Thought Fang would grow up to be excellent, but this boy’s life was completely the opposite. Because they want to make money, Fang’s parents do not create learning opportunities for their children, but only think about activities that bring money benefits. Eventually, Fang’s talent waned. And Fang isn’t the only prodigy who has had a tragedy…

Why are so many kids who are super smart when they are young but grow up to be MEDIUM?  - Photo 1.

Wei Yongkang was born in 1983, lives in Hunan province, was taught by his mother since childhood and quickly became a “prodigy” with a series of remarkable achievements. 2 years old has mastered 1,000 Chinese characters, 4 years old finished middle school, 8 years old passed the prestigious high school of the province.

At the age of 13, Yongkang was accepted into the Physics Department of Xiangtan University with very high scores. After that, he passed the entrance exam to the Advanced Physics Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

At Wei Yongkang’s house, the walls are all written in detail with mathematical formulas, English… so that he can easily memorize and learn at all times. It is thanks to this special educational method that he continuously won great prizes, becoming a model that millions of parents want to follow. However, in August 2003, 20-year-old Wei Yongkang was suspended from school by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, citing his inability to adapt to graduate school. The deeper reason was that he was used to being taken care of by his mother, taking care of the roots of his teeth from a young age.

These prodigies have raised the question of public opinion: Why do many children when they are young, possessing superior intelligence, but grow up with a lack of talent? Is this a scam? Are those kids fake prodigies? The answers to these questions aren’t complicated, but a lot of parents don’t realize it!

1. High IQ but low EQ, not focused on fostering EQ

EQ or emotional intelligence is one of the important reasons why most of the so-called prodigies later do not shine anymore. A typical example is the case of Wei Yongkang.

Ms. Tang Hoc Mai – Wei Yongkang’s mother believes that her children’s future depends on learning. That’s why Mrs. Tang takes care of her son from A-Z so that he just needs to study. All of Wei’s personal activities are taken care of by her mother. From housework such as washing clothes, cleaning the room to eating, bathing.

It sounds hard to believe, but when Wei Yongkang went to high school, his mother still fed him rice and washed his face. When I went to brush my teeth, my mother squeezed the toothpaste into the brush. “When my son was hungry, I brought rice to his room. When he was thirsty, I brought water to his mouth. Even one day when he had to urinate, I brought the potty to the place. For me at that time, just Yongkang was needed. Studying well is enough, everything else is done mother to serve”, Mrs. Tang recounted her wrong parenting style to the press.

Why are so many kids who are super smart when they are young but grow up to be MEDIUM?  - Photo 2.

Wei Yongkang – a prodigy at one time.

In addition to raising her as “younger brother”, Mrs. Tang also did not let her children go out to play with the excuse of “staying home to study for a future”. Whenever Wei Yongkang’s friends came to his house to ask him out, Mrs. Tang skillfully chased him back. Over time, Wei Yongkang had no friends and stayed at home all day to read books. This makes the child prodigy lack communication skills, do not know how to talk and integrate with the people around.

When Wei Yongkang entered university, Mrs. Tang also packed a bag to take care of her children. But when Wei went to graduate school, the Chinese Academy of Sciences disagreed. The school required him to live and study alone.

Being used to having someone to serve her to her teeth, Wei was then disappointed, unable to adapt to life without her mother. He doesn’t know how to feed himself, when it’s hot, he doesn’t know how to take off his shirt. When it’s cold, I don’t know how to wear warm clothes. After wearing the clothes, Wei Yongkang did not take them to wash, but left them indiscriminately in the room. The room Wei lives in is like a battlefield because the owner doesn’t know how to clean it.

Why are so many kids who are super smart when they are young but grow up to be MEDIUM?  - Photo 3.

On the day of the graduation exam, Wei Yongkang also forgot the time, so he received a score of 0, losing his chance to study for a doctorate. In August 2003, 20-year-old Wei Yongkang was suspended from school by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, citing his inability to adapt to graduate school. The truth was that he couldn’t adapt to life without his mother taking care of him.

And Wei Yongkang did not dare to go home to meet his mother. The prodigy now wanders around, living on the dusty shores all over the provinces. In his pocket at that time was only 500 yuan (about 1.7 million dong). However, it was this time of “eating dew, drinking the wind” that helped Wei know how to take care of himself.

When there were no silver coins left in his pocket, Wei had to ask the help of the police to get home. And Mrs. Tang also calmed down and seriously considered her wrong way of teaching her children. At the age of 20, Wei Yongkang was taught by his mother from the beginning all his personal activities, starting with how to shower and do laundry.

Gradually, Wei Yongkang learned to live like an ordinary person. After that, he also knew how to pour tea and wipe his paralyzed father’s body – things that Wei had not done for more than 20 years.

It can be seen that it is the wrong upbringing of his mother that has caused Wei Yongkang to lack communication skills, social skills, and extremely poor EQ. These things have caused the prodigy to slip away and lose his bright future.

2. “Prodigy” is also human, and the title of prodigy causes too much pressure

Those so-called prodigies are actually just learning more than others or having a stronger comprehension ability when they were young. There is no absolute genius in the world.

For example, Ning Bo, dubbed “China’s first genius boy”, became the youngest teaching assistant in a Chinese university at the age of 19. At the age of 38, he suddenly decided to become a monk. , became a monk.

Public opinion believes that this action of Ninh Bo is because he has had to face too much pressure from family and society, the expectations want him to constantly improve and achieve more.

In essence, there will always be a lot of pressure under the halo, and these pressures often require similar emotional intelligence to work through.

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