Why was the driver carrying dragon fruit to Mong Cai tested for COVID-19 many times?

Why was the driver carrying dragon fruit to Mong Cai tested for COVID-19 many times?  - Photo 1.

The driver of the southern green-lane bus complained that he had been tested for COVID too many times in Mong Cai – Photo: LH

Exchange with Youth OnlineMr. NMT (Binh Thuan hometown) said that on the morning of September 8, he received a negative PCR test result in Thanh Hoa.

On the evening of the same day, he went to Km15 area in Mong Cai city (Quang Ninh) and was asked to take a quick test, the result was negative. Going another 16 km into the cargo yard, he was asked to do a PCR test (slow test).

Mr. T. said many drivers going from Binh Thuan to Mong Cai City were also required to do quick tests and PCR tests like him.

“For the previous green-lane, the PCR test ran for a week, then it was reduced to 72 hours. However, I’ve only been doing the PCR test in Thanh Hoa for more than 10 hours, but it’s a waste of time to ask for a second test. loss of effort, fatigue of the driver” – Mr. T. said.

Another driver named HTV (Binh Thuan hometown) said: “At 5 am on September 10, I received a negative PCR test result in Thanh Hoa. On the same evening, when I arrived at Km15 in Mong Cai city, I was asked to test quickly, go more than 10 km to the yard and pay for PCR testing, while the PCR test paper from Thanh Hoa is still valid.

“We are drivers in the South, before getting on the truck to bring goods for export, we have been granted a green channel license by the locality to prioritize the export of agricultural products, but only from Thanh Hoa to Quang Ninh, the cost per The COVID test driver has also spent more than 1 million dong,” said Mr. V.

September 16, exchange with Youth OnlineMr. Doan Ngoc Thuy, director of Mong Cai City Medical Center, said that the driver had to do a PCR test at Thanh Dat port area, even though he had done a quick test at Km15 before, it was done in accordance with the direction of the Board. directing the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Mong Cai city and Quang Ninh province.

Accordingly, the amount of 200,000 VND in the receipt is for testing the combined sample 5, according to the price prescribed by the People’s Council of Quang Ninh province.

“Currently, a negative COVID-19 test by PCR method is required to enter the port, that is the city’s regulation, but the unit is only a specialized department.

Such strict control because Mong Cai is an important border gate, serving the import and export work of all provinces and cities in the country, so it only takes one shift to close the door on the Chinese side,” said Thuy. speak.

“When a driver tested negative for COVID-19 by PCR in the Mong Cai area, Thanh Dat port was only allowed to load the goods to prevent the risk of an outbreak. Mong Cai city acted fiercely with spirit. keep the area safe for economic development”, Mr. Thuy added.

Why was the driver carrying dragon fruit to Mong Cai tested for COVID-19 many times?  - Photo 2.

Container trucks waiting to export goods across the border – Photo: LH

In the afternoon of the same day, head of Mong Cai International Border Gate Management Board Luong Quang So said: “On September 3 in Mong Cai, a case of F0 appeared, thanks to strict testing, it was detected early.

I am not in charge of Km15, but I was informed by the leaders of Mong Cai City that I have urgently discussed with the gateway points of Quang Ninh province that are testing quickly, so I will take that sample, not test it quickly at Km15 like in the past days.”

“Mong Cai city will create conditions for drivers and businesses, but at the same time ensure safety control. The province in China highly appreciates the epidemic prevention work.

Every day Mong Cai supports the southern provinces to export thousands of tons of fruit, if there is a positive case on the Chinese side, the border gate will be closed immediately, the customs clearance process will be very difficult in the future … “, Mr. speak.


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