Will innovate the way to calculate points, university admission

* Reporter: The university admission season 2022 has come to an end. Looking back at this year’s enrollment, what can the Deputy Minister comment on?

– Deputy Minister of Education and Training HOANG MINH SON: Overall, this year’s enrollment has made positive adjustments, especially the strong transformation in technology. The organization of registration and processing of online admissions applications not only ensures the interests of candidates, reducing the number of virtual candidates, but also contributes to promoting digital transformation, in which transparency of enrollment of the whole system is made. system.

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Deputy Minister of Education and Training HOANG MINH SON:

Up to now, nearly 80% of students have enrolled. This shows that this year, the virtual rate has dropped sharply compared to many years ago.

* However, there are opinions that the admissions system of the Ministry of Education and Training is complicated, leading to the universities lacking autonomy; There are still many errors, causing anxiety for many candidates. What does the Deputy Minister respond to this opinion?

– The Law on Higher Education and Decree 99/2019/ND-CP clearly stipulate that higher education institutions are entitled to issue and organize the implementation of internal regulations on enrollment activities in accordance with the provisions of law. the law; determine and publicly announce enrollment methods and criteria according to regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. This year’s enrollment regulations may make many schools less liberal, more proactive in some cases, but full autonomy is respected.

Regarding the technical problems of the system, it is true that during the operation there were certain problems – such as the initial online payment platform was blocked, some payment channels had errors – but after extending the time, Time and payment flow have run smoothly.

However, the main issue that candidates and the public are concerned about is that many students are eligible for admission but are not on the list of successful candidates. The reason lies in the fact that schools have too many different admission methods into the system, making the enrollment process confusing in selecting and arranging aspirations, while the system has not been added. This feature prevents all of these errors.

In the process of organizing registration, running admission tests, virtual filtering and after announcing the results, the Ministry of Education and Training has guided the technical team and universities to coordinate to correct mistakes and errors in order to ensure the safety of the students. ensure the legitimate interests of candidates. Up to now, most of the errors have been resolved, the rest are being reviewed and handled by the schools.

* Is there an opinion that the admission system of the Ministry of Education and Training is complicated, even confirming admission on the general system is not necessary?

– Deciding to choose a school or major is an important decision for each candidate. Therefore, the system must develop a rigorous multi-step process to ensure that candidates consider, confirm and take responsibility for their decisions; at the same time must ensure strict professional management, no loopholes for abuse.

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Candidates participating in the thinking test of the University of Science and Technology – Vietnam National University, Hanoi Photo: HOANG LAN ANH

The Ministry of Education and Training builds and upgrades the software system to support schools and students. Therefore, the proposed processes are well thought out, not more complicated than necessary. However, it is possible that the user interface of the software is not friendly, not able to prevent all user errors. Meanwhile, many candidates do not have the skills and experience to use software. The Ministry of Education and Training will review and re-evaluate the entire process and software interface to optimize for the following years.

* University admission scores through the results of high school graduation exams in some majors this year continue to “touch the ceiling”, causing confusion for public opinion. Does a high standard of admission mean that the quality of this year’s candidates is higher than last year’s, deputy minister?

– This year’s benchmark has a strong divergence. Even the industry benchmarks are so high that they even surpass the valedictorian score. But that cannot lead to the conclusion that the quality of this year’s contestants is higher than last year’s.

The situation of high benchmark scores at the “ceiling” level has been analyzed and warned by the Ministry of Education and Training. The fact that schools offer many admission methods, combination of admissions for a major, and unreasonable allocation of quotas between methods and combinations are one of the reasons for this situation. Another important reason is the inadequacy of the priority bonus policy. The Ministry of Education and Training has included in the regulation on the adjustment of priority points, applied from 2023.

* The fact that schools use too many enrollment methods and combinations leads to errors and even inequalities when the admission criteria from the results of the high school graduation exam are pushed to the ceiling. What is your opinion on this?

– It is true that with an industry where the training institution offers many methods of admission, it will be difficult to ensure fairness for candidates, especially when schools allocate quotas from the beginning. The Ministry of Education and Training warns about this risk and requires that the methods and forms of admission must ensure fairness.

The Ministry of Education and Training has also recommended that schools should have a method to convert the evaluation scores of different methods and combinations to a common scale and general admission. In case the training institution chooses to allocate quotas and independently examines admissions according to each mode or combination, it must explain the basis for the allocation of quotas as well as the conditions for admission of the methods, ensuring the principles of training. equal.

At the end of this year’s enrollment period, the Ministry of Education and Training will analyze all the data to make general recommendations for the whole system. The Ministry of Education and Training will also have a separate proposal for some training institutions that have not yet fulfilled the general requirements and basic principles specified in the enrollment regulations.

* The trend of universities enrolling students by their own exams, no longer depending 100% on the high school graduation exam is increasingly expanding. Do you think that is a positive signal?

– I think the results of the graduation exam together with the academic achievements at the high school level will continue to be an important basis for the majority of universities to choose in enrollment. Currently, a number of schools have selected admissions based on competency assessment exams, admissions combined with interviews…

The Ministry of Education and Training encourages universities to promote cooperation to organize joint exams in groups of schools. After that, proceed to form a number of professional testing centers under the alliance of many universities, meeting the enrollment requirements from 2025 when students have completed high school under the new program.

GS-TSKH NGUYEN DINH DUCHead of Training Department – Vietnam National University, Hanoi:

Need to improve recruitment

2022 is the first year that the Ministry of Education and Training conducts general admission of all admission methods on the same system. This creates openness, transparency and equal opportunities for candidates. However, the system and process also revealed problems in the registration, fee payment and admissions process.

I recommend the Ministry of Education and Training to research and improve more adequately to best support schools so that they can have the highest autonomy in enrollment.

PGS-TS PHAM XUAN ANHVice Rector of Hanoi University of Civil Engineering:

Schools should have their own enrollment plans

Each exam has its own criteria. The high school graduation exam with the main goal of graduation and student assessment after 12 years of study is really not the optimal solution for universities to use the results when applying for admission.

It is therefore not uncommon to use an alternative that is not entirely designed for this, resulting in some towering industry benchmarks. In the long term, the university entrance examination of universities will gradually have their own plans, not having to use these results anymore.

TS LE DONG PHUONGformer Director of the Center for Higher Education Research – Institute of Educational Sciences:

Reduce recruitment methods

The biggest problem of this year’s admissions season is technical. On the system, there are 20 admission methods, so the balance and calculation between the aspirations of the different methods and the candidate’s enrollment needs are many.

With more than 3 million wishes, more than 300 training institutions, the system is not really running well. Therefore, in my opinion, in the coming enrollment seasons, it is necessary to reduce the selection method.

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