Windows 11 makes anti-ransomware more effective

Theo GizChinaMicrosoft confirmed this capability of Defender in the announcement of the latest security update for Windows 11. The company said it wanted Defender to be able to end ransomware – one of the deadliest computer threats in the world. Lately year.

Windows 11 helps fight ransomware more effectively - Photo 1

Windows 11 has better anti-ransomware capabilities thanks to a new update to Defender

Specifically, in the blog post, Microsoft said that the new update for Windows 11 will improve Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s ability to identify and intercept ransomware and advanced attacks. The update shows that Microsoft is seeing an increase in ransomware in the cybersecurity environment.


Besides advanced ransomware and attack interception, this update for Windows 11 from Microsoft also brings a number of security improvements and fixes some issues like tablet mode visibility. on some devices without touch screen, error code is 0x80070026 when copying files, sihost.exe uses a large amount of CPU, Microsoft Edge is unresponsive when using IE Mode…

It is known that ransomware is a form of malicious software with many layers of malice that restricts access to the computer system it has infected and requires a sum of money to the person who created that malware in order to remove the work. restrict the access it had previously created. Experts repeatedly recommend that users should not pay ransom to ransomware attackers because this will encourage them to expand the attack range.

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