Witness says Danish gunman was ‘hunting people’

Witnesses said the suspect was carrying a rifle “hunting people” in the Field’s mall in Copenhagen, causing chaos.

“We suddenly heard gunshots, about 10 times. We ran away and hid in the toilet,” witness Isabella recounted the moment the shooting occurred at Field’s mall in the capital. Copenhagen on July 3, leaving at least three people dead, two injured.

Those present at the Field’s mall said the suspect was a male, about 1.8 meters tall, holding a rifle similar to the Sauer 200 STR model, which is commonly used for hunting in Denmark. He told everyone inside that this was a fake gun, to catch the victims off guard.

“The sick man was hunting people with a gun in the mall, but he didn’t chase them,” a witness told Danish TV channel DR.

Witness says Danish gunman was 'hunting people'

People run from the Field’s mall in Copenhagen on July 3. Video: AFP

Others said more than 100 people rushed towards the door of the mall to get out before gunfire rang out.

“We saw a lot of people all of a sudden running towards the exit and then there was a lot of gunfire,” said Thea Schmidt, a witness at the scene. “We also immediately ran away from the Field.”

Photos on local media showed armed police then surrounded the scene to deal with the suspect, as well as instructing people to flee the shopping mall. A man lying on a stretcher was taken out, many people burst into tears from shock.

Two women evacuate from the Fields mall on July 3.  Photo: AFP

Two women evacuate from Field’s mall on July 3. Image: AFP

Another witness said he was in a clothing store when he “heard a lot of very loud gunshots, which appeared to have been fired in the next door.”

Mahdi Al-wazni, who was at the Field’s mall at the time, said the suspect was carrying a large rifle over his shoulder, walking around the building before opening fire.

“He seemed very aggressive, shouting something,” Mahdi Al-wazni said.

The shooting also caused chaos at a concert at the nearby Royal Arena. Hans Christian Stoltz, 53, who brought her two daughters to the concert, said “the little girl was stuck in the jostling crowd when the suspect started shooting. She was injured in several places from falling off her chair and when people started to shoot. run away”.

“We didn’t know what to do so we ran after the sign indicating the exit. We ran up to the roof and stuck there for a while, while everyone panicked and cried,” said Cassandra, 18, Stoltz’s eldest daughter, said.

Copenhagen police chief Soren Thomassen said the 22-year-old suspect had been arrested and was believed to have acted alone. Police declined to identify the suspect, nor confirm that he has a criminal record or is on a government watch list.

The alleged suspect in Mahdi Al-wazni's video.  Photo: Twitter/Mahdi Al-wazni

The alleged shooter was restrained by police. Image: Twitter/Mahdi Al-wazni

The shooting comes just over a week after an attack at a gay bar in Oslo, Norway, left two people dead and 21 injured. In February 2015, a mass shooting in Copenhagen linked to Islam left two people dead and five injured.

Hong Hanh (Theo Local)

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