Woman’s 37-year-old bread cabinet, more crowded after being “changed clothes” by foreign youth

From the day a foreign boy painted a new coat, Ms. Thu’s wardrobe was suddenly famous on social networks. Thanks to talented hands, the cake cabinet is now painted with an eye-catching pattern paint, standing out in the middle of the bustling Hoi An street. More than a week has passed, the bakery of Ms. Doan Thi Kim Thu (66 years old) is somewhat crowded and busier than usual.

Many guests stopped by and complimented Ms. Thu for having a beautiful and bright new cabinet. The 66-year-old woman nodded her thanks, pointed to a corner of the roof with Tay’s name – Adam Palmer on it, and then happily recounted the chance meeting with the foreign guy that day: “Mr. Tay came to eat bread and suddenly wrote something on the phone and gave it to her to read. It said: Do you agree to let me repaint the bread cabinet? I do it for free.

She just nodded in agreement. He continued, so what time can it be done? She said to wait around 11 o’clock, at that time it was already busy. Then he walked back to a nearby hotel, took out his tools, and painted them all.”

Thu’s cake cabinet is located at 83 Hung Vuong Street, Hoi An

After finishing the paint job, it was more than 12 o’clock in the afternoon, Ms. Thu was moved and invited Adam to eat bread as a gift to express her heart. But the guy refused, promised the owner of the bakery to come back tomorrow.

“The first day, I went to eat bread. After I finished eating, I paid for it. Then I went home, finished painting the cabinet at 12 o’clock, she invited me to eat bread again. He said he was full. She asked for water, he said he had a bottle of water. Then, he promised to come back tomorrow and use it. The next day that young man came back to eat the cake as promised.”Ms. Thu happily told.

The foreign boy wrote his name in the corner of the cake cabinet

“37-year cake cabinet” to raise a husband with a stroke

Ms. Thu’s bakery sells all kinds of meatloaf, pate cake,… Omelette cake 10 thousand/loaf, the price has remained unchanged for many years. If the customer wants to eat more pieces of fried rice, they will have to pay an additional 4 thousand, you will have to pay 14,000 / loaf. However, the most special dish must be mentioned “Banh Chung”. The name is strange, but in Hoi An there are many bakeries selling this type. In which, “banh mi banh chung” at Ms. Thu’s shop received many compliments from customers because of its flexible taste, and it’s not boring to eat.

“Banh Chung cake is 10 thousand / loaf. Banh Chung she ordered in advance, they brought it to me in the morning, the cake was left outside and then sandwiched in, not deep fried.

She sells to regular customers, they have been eating for 37 years, many generations. There are many children and grandchildren, 4 generations all love to eat. They say bread is full but not boring, can be eaten without getting chills.Ms. Thu is proud.

“Banh chung” is a favorite dish of many diners

Usually the bakery sells from 5 am to 10 pm and is only crowded in the morning, before many people go to work or school. In the same day, Ms. Thu sold the raisins. On average, the shop sells 150 loaves of bread a day. She confided, doing this job has to work hard to stay up late at night to prepare goods. If every day she cleans up early at 10 p.m., and then prepares for the next day, at 1 a.m., she can rest assured to go to bed.

“She sold alone, but it took a long time because she worked alone, without an assistant, so it took a while. Since opening, she has not recruited employees, only trolleys to fix in front of their store. You also don’t rent space, it’s too expensive to hire people!”Ms. Thu analyzed.

About ten years ago, her son Thu went to school and helped his mother sell bread. At that time, she was less difficult, making more cakes. But now I have grown up, go to work and have my own family, only you and the cake cabinet.

In 2011, her husband Thu had a stroke and was bedridden. The money to cover daily life and treat her husband’s illness depends on the money from the sale of cakes. Despite being more extreme, the woman is still happy and attached to the profession.

A simple bakery helps Ms. Thu raise her husband with a stroke

A simple bakery helps Ms. Thu support her husband who has had a stroke. Ms. Thu said, in Hoi An, there are many famous cake brands, building chains, and setting up monumental shops. And her cake cabinet is lonely, nothing special. In the past 37 years, she has only changed cabinets 3 times. The cabinet has just been “changed” and has been used for 4 years.

“Married son can take care of his own life, and her income is stable, then take care of her uncle. She sells cakes stably because customers are used to eating, according to their taste, they come to eat. Strangers are rarely impressed, because the cake cabinet looks very simple, and there are few items because I only prepare to sell in the day, every day of that day. Many passersby sometimes stop by, but then they don’t eat.”Ms. Thu was silent.

However, Ms. Thu is still happy because many guests go far away, and when they come back, they still stop by the bakery. The owner of the shop always remembers what year the student’s classes were. There are people who have graduated, gone to work far away, the day they come back still comes and greets Ms. Thu with a call of love.

Ms. Tran Lam Duyen, (31 years old, in Hoi An), previously attended Tran Quy Cap High School. She still reminisces when remembering the memory of Miss Thu’s cake cabinet: “When I was young, I ate very well, especially banh chung, but now that I’ve grown up, I’m no longer there, so I haven’t eaten in a long time.

Her cake looks simple, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. The cake has a rustic taste, a traditional spice style.”

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