Women being harassed in the workplace: Telling relatives is suspected ‘due to revealing’

Women are harassed at work: Telling relatives is suspected of being revealing - Photo 1.

LG Vietnam female engineers listen to live sharing from experts – Photo: L. CHI

When the topic of “preventing sexual harassment at work” was raised in the hall of the workplace building of LG VS Development Center Vietnam – Da Nang office on the afternoon of March 8, many female experts and engineers were embarrassed. blush. However, the atmosphere is gradually erased by very realistic and popular leading stories happening right in the focused working environment.

“In the past, I had a colleague whose beauty was quite eye-catching and was the focus of the crowd’s attention. However, unlike women, many times my friend had to cry because of her teasing and teasing. Many people intentionally commented that they were very attentive to her big, ‘fat’ bust.

My friend was very distressed and brought that story to explain to her relatives, but received a reproach that ‘probably due to provocative clothes, deliberately revealing'” – a female engineer shared about loneliness. , stuck when his friend was constantly harassed at work.

Many people express surprise that what they face every day is harassment.

“We chose this topic to both listen to more sisters share, as well as an opportunity to meet and give each other a gift of useful knowledge on International Women’s Day 8-3” – representative of the organization. office said.

Dr. Le Thi Lam – lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology, University of Education, University of Danang – said that the rapid development of public offices and production centers also raises many problems in life. living. In which the story of sexual harassment, if not recognized and properly cared for, will hurt workers, especially women.

“Sexual harassment occurs everywhere, sometimes just a vulgar look, a touch or a careless word, if not prevented, will also leave hurt to the abused person. .

In addition to professional solutions, attention to the lives and thoughts of employees, each person’s voice is also a way to prevent these deviant expressions,” Lam said.

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