World Coffee Museum honored in the world’s leading magazine National Geographic

The World Coffee Museum was honored in the world's leading magazine National Geographic - Photo 1.

Image of the World Coffee Museum on the travel section of National Geographic

On the travel section of National Geographic ( the Spanish version says: “It (World Museum) Coffee) isn’t the only coffee museum in the world, but it’s certainly the most “ambitious” about building this particular museum about how it views coffee: “Coffee It is the treasure of the universe, the heritage of mankind and the solution for the future”.

The World Coffee Museum (under Trung Nguyen Legend) was inaugurated in 2018 with the transfer of the collection of artifacts from the Jens Burg museum in Germany, with the same goal of turning Vietnam into the World Coffee Capital, a It is not unreasonable that Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter globally, after Brazil. Located in an outstanding architectural complex, the Coffee World Museum is inspired by the long house architectural style of the Ede people, in Dak Lak, Central Highlands.

During the tour, visitors are connected to a series of thematic spaces where they can immerse themselves through all the senses in coffee culture. You can smell, taste, touch the coffee, and get interesting facts and facts about one of the drinks that shook the world (Who doesn’t need coffee to start the day?) . For those who can’t wait to visit this special coffee sanctuary, a virtual tour can be taken by following the link:”.

This is not the first time that the World Coffee Museum has been praised by international news agencies. Since its opening to welcome guests at the end of 2018, the World Coffee Museum has been said by dozens of international and prestigious media channels in the world: “The largest living museum – the most lively and unique. ” (AP); “Being 6/17 to the best when coming to Vietnam” (British travel magazine, Wanderlust); ART TV (Turkish TV)…

Every year, the World Coffee Museum organizes periodical exhibitions on coffee that are highly appreciated by experts such as: “History of World Coffee”; “Coffee: a panacea for the brain – a panacea for creativity”; “Coffee – Energy of the knowledge economy”; “Coffee – the energy of warrior spirit”; “Coffee – A journey to discover human values”; “Coffee – the creative energy of art”,… Not only introduces the history of world coffee, but there are also many annual cultural and artistic events that help the museum become a bright center. create and develop community culture of the Central Highlands for all ages with many unexpected and interesting activities such as: coffee offering ceremony of indigenous Ede people; Oromo’s coffee ceremony,… was restored; demonstration art show mixing three coffee civilizations with 3D mapping technology; The musical “The Tale of the Three Coffee Civilizations” is very unique and different.

In the context of a severe decline in the tourism industry due to the covid-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, the World Coffee Museum is still the hottest destination in Vietnam, welcoming millions of visitors each year from 22 countries. countries in the world; At the same time, it also pioneered the application of AR, VR, and Hologram technologies in exhibitions and exhibitions to help visitors have more vivid experiences and interactions. It is expected that at the end of July, 2022 thematic exhibition “Coffee and the sacred lands of the East” will be opened and will last until the end of September 2022.

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