World news August 16: The last country hit by COVID; Mr. Trump lowered his voice to the Justice Department

World news August 16: The last country hit by COVID;  Mr. Trump lowered his voice to the Justice Department - Photo 1.

Former US President Donald Trump offered to cooperate with the US Justice Department after the FBI raided his home in Florida – Photo: REUTERS

* Mr. Trump announced he was actively de-escalating tensions with the Justice Department. Regarding the house search of former President Trump, on August 15, Mr Trump said his aides had contacted the Justice Department to offer to cooperate on “anything we can do to help”.

Talk to the radio Fox News, Mr. Trump said “must cool down, or else terrible things will happen”. However, he went on to attack the FBI about searching his home in Florida last week. He insists his supporters “will not stand for another scam” and “people are very angry with what is going on”.

* The Marshall Islands was hit fast by COVID-19. After more than 2 years of “building dikes” to prevent corona virus with strict blockade measures, the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean was finally hit by a pandemic.

On August 15, according to AFP news agency, Jack Niedenthal – Health Minister of this archipelago of 42,000 people, had to declare: “We are preparing for the most difficult phase of the pandemic that is happening in the capital city. Majuro dollar”.

Up to now, in a short time, 3,000 people have been infected with the new strain of Omicron and 3 people have died. The authorities attribute the corona virus’s entry into one of the world’s “no-COVID-19” strongholds because of measures to relax medical supervision.

World news August 16: The last country hit by COVID;  Mr. Trump lowered his voice to the Justice Department - Photo 2.

Flights to Marshall as well as passenger trains began to be banned from today August 15 – Photo: AFP

* The US Justice Department said it objected to the media’s request. On August 15, the US Justice Department said it opposed a media request to open the affidavit that prosecutors submitted to a federal judge for a warrant to search the home of former President Donald Trump in Florida.

According to Reuters, this is a sensitive document, the content is expected to revolve around the evidence presented by the prosecutor to show they have good reason to believe that a violation of the regulations took place at home. of Mr. Trump – the criteria for obtaining a home search warrant.

* Ukraine again warned of “nuclear blackmail”. In a daily video broadcast on August 15, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that the world will lose and will be “blackmailed” by nuclear if it does not act to prevent the incident at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. – currently controlled by Russia.

Over the past week, Russia and Ukraine have repeatedly accused each other of carrying out reckless and dangerous attacks and artillery attacks on Europe’s largest nuclear plant.

* Pro-Russian authorities in Ukraine prosecuted “foreign mercenaries”. According to News Agency Sputnik Russia, 5 more foreign mercenaries, 1 Swedish national, 1 Croatian, and 3 British who fought in the Donbass region of Ukraine have been accused by pro-Russian separatist authorities.

World news August 16: The last country hit by COVID;  Mr. Trump lowered his voice to the Justice Department - Photo 3.

Citizens from Croatia, Sweden and the UK are accused of being mercenaries in the Donbass – Photo: REUTERS

In it, a Swede, a Croatian, and an Englishman could face the death penalty on charges of being mercenaries, participating in combat and training to seize power by force.

The other two Britons, one alleged to be a mercenary engaged in combat, the other engaged in recruiting mercenaries.

* Germany has sent 13 military aircraft to participate in joint exercises in Australia. According to Reuters news agency, this is the largest peacetime deployment of the air force. It shows Berlin’s growing interest in the Indo-Pacific amid rising tensions with China in the region.

13 German aircraft including 6 Eurofighter jets, 3 A330 tankers and 4 A400M transport aircraft. In addition, participating in this biennial exercise are 16 aircraft of other countries.

German air force chief Ingo Gerhartz said pilots would practice about 200 times in mid-air refueling the fighters, and would use civil air routes.

* Prime Minister Boris Johnson was criticized for taking a vacation twice in two weeks. After the scandal of partying at the Prime Minister’s Palace during the blockade season because of the COVID-19 epidemic, this time the leader who was about to leave the chair was attacked for going on a luxurious vacation. while many people face a cost of living crisis.

World news August 16: The last country hit by COVID;  Mr. Trump lowered his voice to the Justice Department - Photo 4.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife go to a supermarket in Greece. They go on vacation twice in 2 weeks – Photo: IEFIMERIDA

On August 15, the opposition Labor Party in Britain criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson for “just having fun while the whole country is struggling to pay the bills”.

Having just returned from Slovenia, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson continued to choose to vacation in Greece. A Greek website posted a photo of him shopping in a supermarket on August 14.

Mr Johnson will leave office on September 6, months after announcing his resignation due to numerous scandals.

* Iran responded with a draft to save the 2015 nuclear deal. A European Union official confirmed receiving a written response from Iran but the EU will do not publish detailed text content. Earlier, Iran’s foreign minister called on the US to be flexible to solve three outstanding issues.

The European representative is optimistic that if these three issues can be resolved, the parties can reach an agreement in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the US State Department is also tough with its position, asserting that the only way to save the 2015 nuclear deal is for Iran to give up its unreasonable demands. The US thinks it has negotiated what it can.

* Tourism will “get back to the way it was” slower than expected. According to AFP, the Global Association of Travel Businesses released a forecast that the tourism industry will recover to $ 1.43 trillion in 2019 by mid-2026, 18 months later than predicted in the forecast. before, announced November 2021 of the association.

Inflation, supply chain problems, China’s continued hard blockade measures due to COVID-19 … are some of the factors delaying the full recovery of tourism activities.

Festival of super car players


Hundreds of super luxury cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Broward … gathered at Supercar Saturdays Florida on August 13. This event is held on the second Saturday of every month in the state of Florida, USA – Photo: Shutterstock

* Indonesia faces forest fires. The Jakarta government has deployed more than 20 helicopters to six fire hotspots in the provinces of Sumatra and Kalimantan, after recording the first small-scale wildfires in the past week.

Experts predict that this year’s dry season in Indonesia, from May to September every year, will not be as harsh as in 2015 and 2018. However, Indonesian authorities will remain on high alert until the end of September. Prepare human and material resources for emergency situations.

Oil and gold prices drop

Oil prices fell more than 3% as poor Chinese economic data weighed on the oil market. Brent crude oil futures contract fell 3.1% to $ 95.10 / barrel, US West Texas crude oil fell 2.9%, to $ 89.41 / barrel.

Gold prices also fell 1% to a one-week low on Aug. 15 amid a sharp drop in precious metals due to a stronger dollar and concerns about further interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve.

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