World news September 30: Russia recognizes the independence of two regions of Ukraine; BBC to cut staff

World news September 30: Russia recognizes the independence of two regions of Ukraine;  BBC to cut staff - Photo 1.

An elevated road on Sanibel Island, Florida was destroyed by a storm on September 29 – Photo: REUTERS

* The US warned companies to “turbid water” from Hurricane Ian. “This could be the biggest hurricane in Florida’s history. The numbers are still unclear, but the initial information we’ve heard is that there has been significant human damage,” US President Joe Biden said during the trip. visited the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency on September 29.

The US leader pledged that the federal government will do everything to help Florida people get what they need after the storm and warned energy companies not to let too much murky water fish, raise energy prices to make a profit. in this time.

Ian, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the US mainland, has caused widespread damage in Florida and is now heading for the neighboring states of South Carolina and North Carolina.

* Russia recognized the two regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia independently. On the morning of September 30 (Vietnam time), the Kremlin announced decrees signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 29, which recognized the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions that Russia controls in Ukraine as entities. independence.

This is a necessary intermediate step before Putin can continue with his plan to announce the annexation of these regions to Russia in a ceremony scheduled for September 30. The two regions of Donetsk and Lugansk are also expected to be merged into Russia during the ceremony, according to Reuters news agency.

The territory controlled by Russia amounts to more than 90,000 km2which is about 15% of Ukraine’s total area – about the same size as Hungary or Portugal.

US President Joe Biden vowed never to recognize the regions as Russian territory, while United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the annexation was a “dangerous escalation” that would threaten development. hope for peace.

World news September 30: Russia recognizes the independence of two regions of Ukraine;  BBC to cut staff - Photo 2.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends an online meeting with the Russian Security Council on September 29 – Photo: REUTERS

* Former US major leaked US military health records to Russia. Jamie Lee Henry, a former major and doctor at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and his wife are accused by the US Department of Justice of leaking US military health data to Russia.

US authorities disclosed information on September 29, in which they said that the two men sought to assist the Russian government after the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out in late February. Both were in contact with a person. who they think is a Russian official but is actually an FBI agent in disguise.

One of them once told the agent that their motives were for their love of Russia and that they knew they could go to jail or lose their jobs because of their actions.

* EU wants liquefied natural gas benchmark price. In an effort to shape the game and avoid potential disadvantages, the European Union is calling for the establishment of a trading benchmark for liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is seen as key to the bloc’s independence from dependence. on Russian natural gas.

On September 29, the European Commission confirmed that it was calling for negotiations on a new benchmark price, replacing the existing benchmark prices of the US or Asia.

The Dutch TTF benchmark is also found to be inappropriate when applied to both pipeline gas and LNG, which is transported mainly by sea and requires specialized terminals.

* Mr. Putin admitted that the mobilization order was partially not going well. On September 29, President Vladimir Putin ordered to correct “all mistakes” in the reinforcement of troops after the partial mobilization order announced last week.

“All mistakes must be corrected and prevented from happening in the future,” Putin said, referring to cases that can be exempted from being called into the army as the breadwinner in the family, the chronically ill. is over or over the age of enlistment. This is the first time Putin has publicly admitted that the mobilization order he announced did not go well.

* The US pours money to compete with China in the Pacific. On September 29, the United States announced it would create a new $810 million grant fund for Pacific island nations and plans to launch trade negotiations by the end of the year.

The pledge was made at the first summit between the leaders of the United States and Pacific island nations in Washington on September 28 and 29. The US plans to open more embassies in the Pacific Islands, increasing from the current 6 embassies to 9.

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A boy is playing swinging on a frame made of four bamboo trees, still waving a few branches. This folk game is celebrated during the festival of Dashain, the biggest and longest festival of the year (15 days) of Hindus in Nepal. Photo taken on September 28 in the capital city of Kathmandu – Photo: REUTERS

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