Xi criticizes ‘respectful’ party members

The Chinese President said that party members who like to play the role of “respectful people” are those who only know how to keep themselves, causing harm to the collective.

“For Party members, he is not a good person,” was the headline of today’s editorial in the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, quoting President Xi Jinping during the opening ceremony. Training class for middle-aged and young cadres at the party school of the National Academy of Public Administration of China on September 1.

Mr. Xi criticizes respectable party members

Xi Jinping attends the opening ceremony at the party school of the National Academy of Public Administration in Beijing on September 1. Photo: Xinhua

The newspaper said that the “respectable man” is often afraid of offending others, just wants to protect his own interests and this attitude will harm the party, adding that “contemptism is the doctrine of harming people”.

“If you respect negative phenomena and corruption, then cadres are not good people for the party or for the people. You can’t do two things at the same time,” Xi said, stressing that “party members must not be afraid. in the face of danger and not to be cowardly.”

President Xi Jinping is wielding more power than any Chinese leader since Deng Xiaoping. Experts predict he will continue for a third term as president at next year’s party congress.

It is not clear what specific issues Mr. Xi wants to address in his speech, as Chinese authorities are carrying out a wide-ranging overhaul of all industries and fields, from large technology corporations to tutoring. overtime, as well as officials in disaster areas.

In August, the Chinese government disciplined more than 30 officials from the mayor to the director of local health departments, hospitals and airports, after the largest Covid-19 outbreak since the Wuhan epidemic area. 2020.

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