Xi says US policy ’causes serious difficulties’

The Chinese president told the US president that Washington’s policy towards Beijing caused “serious difficulties” and needed to get relations back on track.

“Whether China and the United States can handle the relationship well will be very important to the future and destiny of the world. This is the question of the century that the two countries must answer,” the central broadcaster said. The Central Committee of China today quoted Chinese President Xi Jinping as saying in a phone call with US President Joe Biden on September 9.

This was the first phone conversation between the leaders of the US and China in seven months, described by Chinese media as “frank and profound”. Xi warned that a confrontation between the world’s two top economies would “send disaster to both countries and the world”.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and US President Joe Biden.  Photo: AFP.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and US President Joe Biden. Photo: AFP.

The Chinese president stressed that the two sides need to continue dialogue on climate change, Covid-19 prevention and global economic recovery, and “respect our differences”.

“The Sino-US relationship is not a multiple-choice question of whether we do well or not. It is a must-answer question about how to work to get good results,” he said.

During the call, the two leaders discussed areas of common interest, as well as areas where the two sides’ interests, values ​​and views differ, the White House said. President Biden called for ensuring “competition” between the two great powers does not turn into “conflict”.

“President Biden’s message is that the United States wants to make sure the dynamics remain competitive and that there won’t be any situations in the future that could lead to unintended conflict,” a senior administration official said. said, adding that the call lasted for 90 minutes.

According to the official, the call was “not to find a breakthrough deal”, but to keep channels of communication open and end previous cycles of volatility. “Our goal is to really reach a steady state in the US-China affairs,” the official said.

US-China relations have become strained in recent years due to the trade war and disagreement on Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues. Competing for technological dominance and arguing over the origins of Covid-19 made the relationship worse.

The leaders of the United States and China had a two-hour phone call in February, when Biden first took office.

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