Young people are concerned about the environment

Young people are concerned about the environment - Photo 1.

Mai Ly (second from right) together to support the people of Kon Plong (Kon Tum) in converting livestock and plants to reduce hunting and cutting forests – Photo: QUANG NINH

That is your journey – the staff of the Green Viet Water Biodiversity Conservation Center (GreenViet).

Young people “many stories”

Every land, whether hilly or deep, throughout the Central – Central Highlands region, has probably imprinted the footprints of GreenViet’s members. The projects of the center always bring the green color of leaves and peace for many species of wildlife: the journey “I love Son Tra”, the program “One million urban green trees in Vietnam”, the Conservation Fund. Vietnam’s nature, the douc conservation program…

In addition to researching to establish a scientific database, GreenViet understands that raising public awareness to jointly conserve the ecosystem is important in the long run.

Since then, the young people here have organized hundreds of trips to the village to persuade and train the “forest people” here to live in harmony with the forest. They were given the name by mountain people from Da Nang, Quang Nam, Kon Tum to Khanh Hoa… named: young people with “many stories”.

Ms. Duong Thi Mai Ly, coordinator of a project of the center, said that due to the difference between culture, language and living customs of many mountainous people, the journey encountered many difficulties.

The group can convince people to listen to the endangered and possible extinction of animals if people do not take action to protect and conserve. But it is not easy to train people to change their lifestyle to rely only on forests and mountains and to fully exploit nature like before.

“People tell us that we are talkative children, because they have hunted and cut down trees for ages, but the forest and animals are still full, but they do not understand that there is no such thing as a forest of gold, of a sea of ​​silver if we do not know how to cherish it, regenerate”, Ms. Mai Ly confided.

Not all trips are successful, but by accepting the nickname “many stories” and the method of deep rain, the places the group goes through are having positive changes. People are gradually giving up hunting and trapping wild animals, and instead are raising livestock and planting more forests, thereby improving their lives.

Passing fire wall”

There have been hundreds of research activities, educational seminars and nature experiences… organized by the center during the past time. All are key to many ongoing environmental problems, from climate change, environmental pollution and especially human awareness – which GreenViet is trying to contribute to solving.

In a survey that GreenViet did with 42 organizations operating in this field in the Central – Central Highlands under the project “Vietnam Wildlife Conservation Fund”, up to 52% of organizations are maintaining operates as a youth club.

The rest operate in the form of NGOs, non-profit organizations and community-based organizations. Only 24% of the surveyed organizations have a seniority of over 10 years.

“Community-based organizations such as women’s unions, farmers’ unions, most of their funding comes from local authorities, while youth organizations’ funds are mostly contributed or raised by members of the community. The field is very limited,” said Mai Ly.

Not wanting that “the end of the funding, the end of the project”, the center launched the project “Mobilizing financial resources for activities of biodiversity conservation and sustainable environmental protection in Da Nang City” (called Da Nang City). for short, the Conservation Fund project). The project is jointly implemented by GreenViet and the Gustav-Stresemann Institute (GSI, Germany) and co-sponsored by the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam.

The project has a vision to 2023 to mobilize funding sources, improve the capacity of social organizations operating in the field of biodiversity conservation and environmental protection for the entire Central region and Central Highlands.

“Members of GreenViet have worked without pay for many months, so they understand this difficulty very well. With the desire to go long distances and create sustainable value, the protection of social organizations is active in the field of conservation. Biodiversity and environmental protection are essential,” explained Ms. Mai Ly.

Many awards and certificates of merit for the environment

Viet Green Water Biodiversity Conservation Center was established under the decision of the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Da Nang City and officially licensed by the Department of Science and Technology of Da Nang since the end of the year. October 2012.

Over the past 10 years, from the beginning of special projects on research and protection of rare and precious douc langur species, GreenViet has been carrying out many different projects not only on conservation of precious genetic resources but also about education and communication to raise awareness about sustainable environment.

The number of project areas of the center has expanded to many other provinces in the country such as Quang Nam, Kon Tum, Nha Trang, Binh Thuan, Thua Thien Hue…

With its efforts in environmental activities, the center has won many awards and certificates of merit at all levels, such as: Vietnam Environment Award for outstanding achievements in the cause of environmental protection since 2014 – 2016 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Certificate of Merit for outstanding achievements in the operation of the Da Nang Union of Science and Technology Associations in the period 2012 – 2017 contributing to the development of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations; Certificate of Merit of Da Nang City People’s Committee for outstanding contributions in the implementation of the project “Da Nang – an environmental city”…


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