Young people carry the ‘source of life’

Young people carry a source of life - Photo 1.

Workers check the oxygen pumping process at a free oxygen station of the oxygen ATM project – Photo: QL

Unlike most other volunteer squads, the volunteers who joined the team of the oxygen ATM project throughout the past month were always on duty 24/24 because the patient’s oxygen demand did not have a timer, much less could “close the door”. machine” after 18:00 as the strict distancing regulations in the past days.

Out on the street in the middle of the night

At 2:30 a.m. on the first day of September, the hotline of the Tang Nhon Phu B Ward Medical Center (Thu Duc City) rang. The other end of the line reported that a patient was in need of oxygen. Asking for the address, phone number, Tran Thien Khiem and another friend, carrying an oxygen tank, rushed out into the street at night, straight to the address of the patient’s house.

Female patient in her 50s, breathing laboriously. Check blood oxygen index SpO2 to 92%. Quickly, you attach the breathing tube to the patient immediately while waiting for the doctor to arrive. Follow-up for a while, you measure your blood pressure again, the SpO2 index has increased to 98% at this time, which is considered to be okay and the doctor is also present, the patient is more awake, no need to go to the hospital during the night.

Thien Khiem has completed the program and is awaiting graduation from the College of Industry and Trade, is one of 4 volunteers to join the team of oxygen ATMs in Tang Nhon Phu B ward. The remaining three members of the team are all members of the team. are students at Nguyen Tat Thanh University, including: Pham Phuc Thinh, Pham Van Dat and Phan Nhat Huy. All 4 of you are students from the provinces, staying in Ho Chi Minh City and only knowing each other when volunteering to participate in the fight against the epidemic with the same team.

You are all “three places”, working together, and will take turns sleeping in the evening and on-call hotline. When there is a phone call, no matter what hour of the night, you run as fast as you can. “Usually F0 patients often have difficulty breathing at night, running away at 2 or 3 am is normal, we’re used to it. It’s funny that our uncles and aunts had to switch oxygen tanks so late at night after the initial first aid was fine. , no one has to be transferred to the hospital” – Khiem smiled.

Nguyen Thanh Hoang (Tan Phu District) still remembers the phone call, but the other end of the line can only hear the whispers of the elderly. Right on duty, Hoang and another friend ran away in the night. Arriving at the house, there were 3 old people, in which a patient was barely breathing. The measured SpO2 index is only 80%, you attach an oxygen tank to carry for breathing.

“There are also cases that don’t really need oxygen, but the family’s mentality is often worried, so we just call. Even so, we still try to run as fast as possible and even though the patient doesn’t need oxygen when we arrive. , but after coordinating with the medical examination, I feel more secure,” – Hoang confided.

Hope everyone gets better

Thi Van Ngoc Tuan – in charge of the oxygen ATM project at Thu Duc Youth Union – said that in recent days, the number of phone calls to need oxygen tanks has decreased compared to before, but there are still “close patients” that you still regularly carry up to a 40-liter oxygen tank every day. One of the reasons is that the mobile medical stations in each ward are equipped with oxygen tanks, so they provide direct support at the ward. “It’s a good sign that fewer patients need oxygen, which means more people are getting better,” Tuan said.

Thien Khiem friend joked: “When this team is “slower”, the more successful it is because then the patient breathes on his own, does not need oxygen, or has recovered, the happier it is.” Khiem hopes that the epidemic will end soon to return to the right job in the field that you have worked at a company since you entered your final year until the time you had to take a break due to the epidemic.

Going around, supporting many cases, the volunteers are more experienced right from the initial patient observations. Mr. Truong The Cuong (District 6) reminded Case F0 at his apartment building when he brought an oxygen tank to the image that immediately caught his eye, lying in the wrong position, not knowing how to breathe, and wrapped in a tight towel. After being instructed on how to breathe, attach an oxygen tank, and change the correct lying position, the patient gradually became more alert.

“The community COVID team at the apartment building prepared an ambulance for this guy, but fortunately, I didn’t need to use it even though I slept restlessly next to the phone all night to prevent emergency situations” – Mr. Cuong said. .

Rewrite ATM concept

The idea of ​​oxygen ATM was conceived by Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh (founder of rice ATM) and officially became a project when Tuan Anh and PHG Smarthome team collaborated with Vietnam Youth Union Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association. perform.

With the message “Giving oxygen – extending life”, from the initial 6 distribution stations, up to now, after more than a month of operation, the project has been present in Thu Duc City and 21 districts of Ho Chi Minh City, providing provide oxygen cylinders completely free of charge and support the health care of many COVID-19 patients in Ho Chi Minh City.

Recently, when attending the opening of the oxygen pumping station at Thu Duc Steel Joint Stock Company, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam shared sincerely: “We are rewriting the concept of ATM not only as a machine but as a full action. We’ve had rice ATMs, book ATMs, oxygen ATMs and the latest F0 ATMs with the mobilization of F0s who have recovered to help take care of F0s who are still in need of treatment. , the volunteers did everything to protect people’s health”.

Fourth oxygen pumping station for COVID patients Fourth oxygen pumping station for COVID patients

TTO – The fourth oxygen pumping station was officially put into operation on August 29, using oxygen for the ‘oxygen ATM’ project to provide free support for COVID patients being “run” in Ho Chi Minh City.


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